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Jacob Early

Posted a month ago

Thank you to Cornel's plumbing for the amazing work and customer service they provided throughout a sewer line repair project at our new home. From start to finish, they were extremely sympathetic, efficient and professional. Long story short, my partner and I had just purchased our first home and, a few days after moving in, we noticed sewage water backing up from our downstairs shower. It turns out a newly installed grounding rod had been driven right through the sewer line. Based on other reviews, we contacted Cornel's to assess the problem and ultimately repair the sewer line. As first time homeowners, my girlfriend and I were very stressed and overwhelmed with the situation, but Cornel's handled it with grace. Since the sewer line came out of the basement, they needed to dig an 8' deep hole to access the line. Because of the equipment and scheduling needed for the job, they weren't able to come out same day, but scheduled the repair ASAP. They provided us with a Honey Pot in the meantime (not ideal for your first week in a new house, but let me tell you it was necessary and thoughtful). When they came out for the excavation and repair, they were efficient and professional. Edgar was the excavation lead and he explained everything they were doing, was super friendly, and obviously cared for the safety of his team. The job was completed in one afternoon and they took care to not damage the lawn surrounding the repair site, refilling the hole and sprinkling grass seed when complete. Shout out to Nate who first diagnosed the repair (and also fixed our sink that same day) and Mario and Megan in the office who were super patient and helpful. Cornel's even allowed us to wait until we had been compensated by the electrician's insurance before paying. The whole experience was smoother than expected and, a few months later, everything is still flushing properly. Thank goodness.

Cindy Liljegren

Posted a month ago

We had a wonderful experience with Cornel’s Plumbing!! We wanted a new faucet in the kitchen and found some water on the floor behind the toilet, needed an outside faucet repair plus other problems. Also, we would sometimes get a bad smell from the disposal even after cleaning it. Cornel came, checked everything and thoroughly explained it. He could fix the toilet or we could get a new one. I quickly asked for a new one. Done. He changed the faucet (done), then went into our crawl space and found a leaking pipe, reason for the smell. Then outside he quickly fixed the faucet. Done. Later two very nice guys came out and replaced the pipe. They also saw a vent that had come apart, so they reconnected it!!! Above and beyond what they needed to do. I also really appreciated Megan in the office. I felt anxious about how to deal with our concerns, but she thoroughly explained how the process works and what I needed to think about and do. She put me at ease. Generally, everyone was personable, worked quickly and cleanly. A totally good experience and would I highly recommend calling them.


Posted a month ago

I had Cornel's Plumbing really helped me out with a pipe repair at my former home 10 years ago and I am so grateful. In my new old home, Cornel's team found my leaks, installed a new faucet, installed toilet valve shut-offs, and connected the water line to my refrigerator. Everyone was so helpful from Nate, Megan, Steve, Erik, and Mario. Please call Cornel first for your plumbing needs, I know I will!

Rob “Rubelam”

Posted 2 months ago

Great company, came in 1500 less than 3 other quotes that we got. Also did a bundle package for us as well. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. Don’t waste your time with anyone else

alfredo miranda

Posted a month ago

My parents hired them for a kitchen sink replacement and faucet and garbage disposal. Frankie came out and was super professional and thorough with what he was doing and what they should expect. Everything went superb and parents were very happy with frankie and cornel’s plumbing. A big THANK YOU to all of them!!!

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Hi! My name is Cornel.

My Plumbing Journey started in my home land of Romania. When I started plumbing I was equipped only with a bicycle to carry all of my tools, pipes, & fittings. More than 20 years ago we made a choice to leave our home and travel to an unknown land in the hopes of a better life. The services we offer today are services that can be trusted. They are tried and true and always come with the confidence of a job well done. Jobs you can trust are done right the first time. Although a job may seem hard, we like to keep a few words in mind. "The job might be hard, but we can do it"

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